About Us


Family RV Rentals is a new, fast-growing, Indiana-based company dedicated to bringing the world to the people through recreational vehicle rentals. Our consumers are people just like us – people who want to have a good time and explore our beautiful country. It doesn’t matter whether your going on a company outing or just taking the kids to see the Grand Canyon – it’s all “Fun in Motion”.

Family RV Rentals is not just about renting quality motor coaches – we are about families. In the current age of high-tech electronic consumer life families all across the world spend thousands of dollars planning the perfect vacation via travel agents and/or racking their heads. However, with most vacations the family ends up not spending much time together, and the travel time is a hassle.

Here at Family RV Rentals we would like to see your family drive off in a motor coach with a destination that is fun for everyone. Spend time with your loved ones, go on a church group outing, take a romantic weekend trip, invite your business associates for a first class meeting, drive down to the track to see the big race, or just have a great time at the football game. Renting an RV allows you to explore new places, take a vacation that is cost efficient, and spend time with all your family and friends.

Your choice for Fun in Motion is Family RV Rentals!